Saturday, 10 September 2011


She was in last minute essay land, that's where.
In the many moons since last I updated, I have had a panicky time filled with essays, exams and being acutely alone, far from London. I have been making some delightfully complicated socks in order to give my brain a holiday. Progress is slow but here they are thus far-
And a little over-exposed detail for you. Please try to notice how they look like cabled hearts with lacey middles.

The pattern came free with Knitting Magazine which is THE BEST KNITTER'S MAGAZINE EVER. It has barely any stupid baby patterns, the bare minimum amount of crochet and some exciting free gifts! So much love for Knitting Magazine.
I also perfected my skull fairisle, and have vague aspirations of making a wee pillow, with pirate material!
I recently went to Birmingham's patchwork show with my work. Patchworking is yet to posess me, so I just wandered around the stalls looking for wool. I found some!
From top to bottom, you are looking at dark grey pure alpaca wool, Noro sock wool in wool and acrylic, blue faced sheep (?) sock wool and white pure alpaca wool. Blue face sheep socks are my next project, I am trawling Ravelry for plans and schemes.
As can only be expected, I have approximately one bajillion projects on the go at the moment. My biggest, yet easiest one is my cape.

It's from a Knitting magazine pattern, and is made in Tivoli Ocean. The pattern called for four ply but I just said, fuck that shit, I'm using aran. This has not been a mistake. However, this wool is now discontinued and I need another 5 balls so I think I will need to beg the internet for help. It's going to be HELLA WARM.
Finally, I have been working towards getting a dog with my family! Obviously, we need one that can live with cats and the current favourite is Phyllis (my name for her) who comes from a rescue shelter. She is part bulldog, part Staffordshire Terrier, and she looks like this!
And she is cute like this!
She's so well trained and friendly, I love her...but there is lots of paperwork to fill out before we get her. But hopefully, soon she will be blogging with me!


  1. Oh, Phyllis is very cute! She almost looks like she might have some Boxer in her. Good luck with your adoption! :)

  2. I think you are entitled to take time off blogging for that! Also, i love the socks. And Phyllis is adorable, I hope you get her!

  3. Those socks are so pretty! I hope one day to be able to crochet and knit like that...but I'm really bad at it, lol.

    Your doggy is so cute. I love brindle coats.