Monday, 18 July 2011

Tidy Pirates

I don't want to sound like I'm boasting, but I love my new job. I get to chillax with old ladies all day, drink tea and fondle wool. Sometimes more old ladies come in and talk about their dogs. They give me homework, like making advent calendars, and allow me to take dressmaking courses for free. The only way it could be better would be if I had more hours (or more pay). *Sigh*
I still have a lot of free time and I have used it to tidy up my wool stash-
-and to design and start knitting a wee pirate flag.

The trick is to print a squashed down picture onto squared paper!
I have also been walking the three miles into town a few times per week. I have seen such wonders as this moth that looks more like a goth butterfly than should be allowed-

And the world's most amusing drawing of a horse
It was giving out apples.
Other activities that have prevented me from posting include knitting a cape with Tivoli Ocean silky wool, making gourmet salads and going to weddings. None of these are really excuses but it's so easy to sit in front of the TV knitting. Alas. One of my cats seems to be eating the other one, as one is getting fatter and fatter and the other thinner and thinner, despite their identical diets. They have a feud with a large black cat that has appeared recently and a blackbird/thrush type thing that sits on the fence and PEEP-PEEPS aggressively at them. It's so annoying I have been known to tell it to shut up, and throw things at it. I like birds, but this one is the bird equivalent of a screaming toddler being ignored by its mother. SHUT UP BIRD.


  1. What a fun sounding job. Who doesn't like tea and wool? Or free classes?

  2. Iknow the feeling of it being easier to sit in front of the TV than post. And your job sounds like my dream job at the moment!