Friday, 1 July 2011

Who knew doing nothing was so time consuming?

Since I wrote last, I have been to Cambridge to see a friend (what an awful town it is! It's so small and full of bicycles!), got a job at a haberdashers (they do knitting stuff as well!), become obsessed with shawls-more on that soon, baked more bread and developed a crush on Finn from Adventure Time. I know he's a child but he's also not real so I think it's ok.
Skelly tried an avant garde method of sitting on a chair.

How did I get such a cool cat? I'll never know. I walked into town while it was sunny because I can't afford the bus, what with my old landlord having ALL my money, then £1000 of the bank's money, but I saw a ladybird larva that cheered me up.

It looks like a sweet! But it isn't, it's a baby ladybird.
As I mentioned earlier, I have gone shawl mad. I knitted two in three days before I realised that my lack of a lace pattern was making them look pretty samey. This one is grey angora-

It would look great beaded but the wool is too weak to take it, so I may embroider the beads on. This one is made from Sirdar Click and is waiting to be blocked-
It's very warm! Being back in my parent's house, my stash is all in one place and is being supplemented often by my grandma (her latest gift was about 150g of baby alpaca). I can't fit any of it in my room so it is in my absent sister's room, spreading like a virus
I don't know where else to put it, since I'm in the box room and it would get damp in the garage. Maybe if I could move into my sister's room, seeing as she has moved in with her boyfriend, but no, she needs that room to store books she doesn't read and other stuff she doesn't want. *sigh*
My next stash-busting project is a gift for each of my friend's 3 sons. They're 14, 5 and 6 months so I will get to make a challenging range of gifts. As soon as I have my money back from the landlord I'm buying some cashmerino to make a skully cardigan for a friend/customer (is there any other kind of friend?).
I will try to update more often, but only if I've done something worth telling you about.


  1. Cats rock. They always do things that make us giggle. Your shawls look awesome. YAY for grandmas who supply yarn XD

  2. Lovely shawls! And very cute cat photo :-)
    Happy to have discovered your blog!

  3. Loving both the shawls, at least you always have one to match your outfit! And why can't your sister's stuff go in the box room if she's not living there? Or alternatively in the attic?