Thursday, 16 June 2011

Creating a tiny world to keep me company

With only the cats and occasionally my Grandma on the phone to talk to, I'm slowly going mad. I have lost the art of saying sentences out loud and am having two lunches instead of dinner. I decided to make myself some friends, because the cats are always asleep and thus no company at all. Here is a pretty slug, who will soon be moving to a new home-
And here is a tiny girl who lives on a clock with meerkats-

My clothes are against me, and have all become unbearably itchy. David Bowie has invaded my dreams and it won't stop raining.
I have taught myself how to make shawls and am currently churning out a multicoloured orangey purple one. I was originally following a pattern but it is rapidly becoming something a little more free-styley.
See you all soon, unless I go madder.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear! Maybe you should get out more. Or use AIM. Or get on ravelry. Or just sit outside. Maybe there is a KIP meet up sometime this week you can go to? Make some friends?