Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What a looooong week

I would apologise for my absence and tell you how dreadful it's been, but no one would want to read that and it would do me no good so here, instead, are a few good bits-
I had a trip into Camden with my boyfriend to get a hair cut

I went to a ball wearing my Mum's spangly jacket (Photo by John Coram Ross)
I made some more socks (look carefully, you may spot a heart pattern)

I made some walnut bread with my sister. I asked her to sprinkle some flour on the top before it went in the oven, she poured in flour to fill the tin. Such a derp. But it was tasty tasty.

And finally, I made a stegosaurus jacket with a delightful moss stitch border (it keeps right angles so sharp!). It has a short back but very long arms because I modelled it on the aforementioned sister, who is 5 foot 9. It is for sale!
Now I'm settled back at home I'll be updating regularly again, baking more bread and treating you to a video of my cat snoring as soon as I can make one of good enough quality.


  1. Sorry about the bad week! I know how that goes - but it's good to stay on the bright side. And, your hair is super cute!

  2. I hope you have a better week this week! And I love the socks, is it your own pattern? Also, Camden is an amazing place, and your hair looks lovely!