Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Brief Mention of More Things I Hate

I never read or watch books, films or tv series in which the action is remotely possible in the real world. This includes things that were possible in the past (historical fiction) and 'true stories'. The only exceptions to this rule are: programmes about cute animals, Heston Blumenthal's cooking programmes (how possible is it really?) and knitting instructional books. I despise all reality TV and short-sighted escapism like Big Brother, The X-Factor, EastEnders and Hollyoaks. I just don't understand why anyone would spend their precious, limited time watching or reading about people doing things-such as audition for Simon Cowell, have 'romantical entanglements,' open the shop they always dreamed of owning or fight with their parents-when they could just turn off the TV or put down the pap and do it themselves!
The unlikely scenarios I most enjoy involve zombies, the future and sometimes vampires (not Twilight! Too mundane and tame!). I watched The Walking Dead on Sunday, have read all of the Anita Blake series thus far, am slowly making my way through the works of Arthur C. Clarke and watch often my Hellboy, Resident Evil, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Manga DVDs. I would be hesitant to claim that these things are necessarily 'good,' especially the literary car crash that is Anita Blake, but at least you can't deny that they're different to daily life, for anyone. If I think that a real life activity looks interesting-like working towards starting my own knitting business, or flirting with that cute boy on the train-I do it. There is absolutely no reason at all for any person not to do what they dream of doing (except murders and rapes etc. Don't wilfully misunderstand me). Cheryl Cole is not a popstar because she is inherently better than you, it's because she made the effort to become one. Your happy friend doesn't attend all these parties and have all these glittering friends because she is the only one who deserves them, it's because she works hard at getting out there and being loved. It is a skill to be loved, and it can be learned. You can learn it, if you just get out there and work at it.
This is Oogie and she knows you can do it.

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