Saturday, 2 April 2011

Stuff, now with added Things!

If you don't already knit, you will definitely want to start after you visit Mochimochi Land. These toys can be made in about 2 hours, and amuse you for at least a week! I made a birdy for my Mum, look!
So cute! By the way, can I get a general show of hands as to who would be interested in knitting lessons over the summer?
In other news, here are some vegetables that are really delicious and that we should all eat more of. Especially me.
Purple broccoli
Rhubarb (is that a fruit?)
Petit pois from tins
Baby new potatoes
Butternut squash

I am sick of carrots and onions, I'm going on a veggie binge. My boyfriend is probably going to starve to death as a result. Oh well.
Sometimes, I forget that you shouldn't tell your boyfriend EVERYTHING and tell him things like "I would sell one of my legs to watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith kissing each other, topless but covered in mud" and he gets upset. But I can't help Benedict and Matt being so cute!


  1. That bird is super cute. I love it XD And yay for a veggie binge. I should do that too. I love veggies, I just don't seem to eat them to often

  2. Celeriac is vastly under-rated. Fennel is nice with a lemon dressing.