Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A new addition to my family!

I am so excited to announce that last night at about 2am I delivered my very first SOCK! Here he is during the labour
And finished!

There are a few little issues with it, like a really pointy heel, a propensity to twist around and I cast off too tightly meaning it won't go on very easily, but since I learned how to make socks, designed and created it all in one day, I find it difficult to be too hard on myself. For reference, I used Figure Eight Toe and this heel method, stockingette on the gusset and a simple lace pattern for the cuff.
Sock number 2 will be along soon, probably being made more slowly over three days, then I have plans for some snazzy knee length white stockings.
Today, I'm wearing a headscarf with Jack Skellington on! So rockabilly.

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  1. That sock looks so good. I love the colors. Congrats of finishing it XD