Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Socks, My Face and Other Lovely Things

My socks were finished! I wore them to work and got jolly hot feet. They coordinated so well with my ruby slippers.
I also bought myself some new lipstick. I thought I'd go for something extra vampy, and chose Revlon's Va Va Violet.

It's essentially black/purple (blurple). I put some on for a trip to Tesco. It was sunny. See if you would have picked the same sunglasses as me-

I chose purple and orange, to bring out the purple in the lipstick!

Wooo, bugface! I love sunglasses. The bigger and more bizarre, the better. I also love lipstick, more on that later.
It's been superhot lately, and I don't deal well with heat. Probably because I always dress like a Dementor. The royal wedding is in 2 days and I'm getting pretty excited. My boyfriend and I are having some sort of champagne picnic with friends and I'm starting to prepare food now because I'm working tomorrow and all the shops will be shut Friday. I've got some avocados to make a guacamole salad, lentils, couscous, fancy ham and I'm going to make brownies too. I was going to make salsa but all the shops in town were sold out of cherry tomatoes. Weird. They are delicious but ONLY when cut in half or smaller. Whole cherry tomatoes are horrible, eyeball-like bags of exploding vileness. Cut up tomatoes are sweet, crunchy nuggets of goodness.
Oh, one last thing. I knitted a cuddly starfish for my friend! She's going back to Australia so I decided to knit her up a little toy.

The little cord you can see is going to have a number of little tags with English words on like 'arse' and 'duvet.' The best Australian phrase she has taught me is 'sookie lala' which means 'crybaby.' So exciting!
Any suggestions for other English words that an Australian would find amusing are very welcome!

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  1. Urgh! I love those glasses your wearing, they're right up my street :D