Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Confirmed sighting of UFOs!

Oh my God, I'm such a knitting wit! UFOs are in fact unfinished objects, not anything actually interesting to other people. Still pretty funny though.
What I am trying to tell you is that this is a post documenting all the items I am currently in the process of making. There are, unbelievably, 10 of them. I am making 10 items (although a couple of them I haven't touched in weeks and will probably end up frogging (unravelling)).
Let's look at them and briefly comment!
This shows 1 1/2 little glovelets make on 5.5mm dpns with 'Fancy Love' yarn. This yarn is indeed pretty fancy but since I only bought 1 ball I was slightly limited as to what I could make with it. I'm thinking I'll further fancy this up with big buttons or sparkly flowers or something.

This is going to be a headband with sort of crocheted vines on it. I'll put at least one more vine on it, sew it up and sell it on. It was made on 2 3/4 needles! That is my thinnest needle yet.

You may recognise this scarf from earlier. It is much longer now, probably about 3/4 done. It is knitted on 4mm needles out of bastard angora wool. I say bastard because it snaps constantly, no matter how gentle I am with it, and the fluff gets EVERYWHERE especially up my nose, where it then tangles on my septum piercing, causing me to have to pull all the fluff back out with tweezers. The bastard wool was given to me on the condition that I knit something for the lady that gave it to me. Something...unusual. I feel I have achieved this, although by the time I finish it will be too warm for her to wear it.
Here is a mad scarf knitted from yet another single ball of bizarre wool. It's nearly finished, all I want to do is weave in the ends and put a different coloured tassle on each corner.
A little cape! I need to weave in ends, sew on a ribbon as a fastener and embroider a big skull on it. Show an interest and I'll give you the pattern.

This scarf is mostly an experiment in two needle cabling (do you want me to demonstrate in a later post?). I gradually lost interest since I hate the colours. Ew, pastels!

This is meant to be the beginning of a jumper. Thus far it is only the back section, which isn't finished. It was one of the first patterns I ever tried to follow, hence why I petered out so quickly. I really don't follow patterns well, at least 80% of my output is just made up as I go along. I very quickly realised that this jumper pattern is:
1-way too big
3-more complicated than it needs to be. Why knit a jumper in 4 sections when you can do it in one on circular needles? Not that I have, but I could if I wanted to.
My male housemate keeps demanding I finish it (not according to the pattern but 'Kitty-fied') but why bother when I can make a bat cape? I may just frog the whole thing and make something of my own design.

This is knitted in 2x2 rib, btw. It was going to be an IPad cover but I realised the dimensions were wrong and ran out of steam. I also can't remember which size needles I originally knitted it on as I have transferred it at least 3 times now. Probably should get frogged.

This is going to be a flower, when I roll it up and put leaves on it. Made from the remnants of lovely lovely baby wool that was mostly used to make myself a headband with.

Damn, that is one snazzy couch in the background. Cast on only today, this is a little snoody neckwarmer made in soft soft merino wool. I saw a pattern where some of the stitches were dropped as part of the design and decided to try the method out for myself. Not that I actually read the method, I just guessed at it.

Use the power of the comment to decide who gets finished first!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink and black scarf, it's amazing and just the sort of thing I would wear! You should post up the pattern for it.

    Also just a comment, yay for Siouxsie Sioux! My dog is named after her, which is fun when the German vet tries to pronounce it...

  2. Glad you like it! I'll put up a tutorial so you can make one of your very own. Not sure when, as my boss has decided I'm having a very busy week next week. Eurgh.By then I'll have more FOs to show you all!