Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Fat Cat in a Hat (She does not care for that)

This weekend, I knitted this hat for my cats to share. Here is a picture of Skelly (aka Fatbum) deigning to wear it because I put it on her while she was asleep. She pulled it off 2 seconds after I took the photo.
It has little ties so you can keep it on the cat's head but I love her too much to tie it on that tight. Haha, I love her.
This weekend, my Grandma sent me slightly over 40 pairs of needles, ranging from 2 3/4 mm to 15mm (she only sent one 15mm though...) as well as some wool, which ranged from quite nice (black merino) through 'I can probably use this' (multicoloured DK) to utterly hideous, which I have repressed and refuse to talk about. She is a darling woman but doesn't really understand that just because I can knit with a certain wool doesn't mean I want to. I will probably sell some of it.
I started knitting another headband (white with multicoloured chainstitch vines) and made a little bag for my sister to put the pieces of her phone in-she dropped it in the toilet and had to open it up to let it dry. Now all her phone calls are dirty! Haha, I joke, she can't make phone calls on it.
Inkeeping with my veggie binge, I bought a fennel and some beetroot and will be making a warm salad tonight using lentils and yoghurt. My boyfriend is coming over, he will be eating a Pot Noodle. I'm about 3/4 finished with my Angora scarf and still waiting to get the drive to finish my stripey skull cape. I also designed a bat cape! The pattern is easy so I might just get someone else to knit it for me.
In other news, I hate the electricity company as, despite signing up to a fixed monthly fee of £80, they have decided to bill me an extra £120 for no discernable reason. I will be phoning them tomorrow for a shout.


  1. aww your poor cat, she is potting her revenge against you as I type. She is super cute in her little hat though

  2. she is way too lazy for revenge, even when I pretend we are in the film avatar and i put her tail in my ear

  3. Scarlet here, if you want to get rid of the hidious wool i'll have it off you if you want. I need something to practice on so it doesn't matter what it looks like :)