Thursday, 31 March 2011

100 views! Gift for you!

In thanks for all my views (even though at least a quarter of them are me) I would like to gift you with a quick and easy knitting pattern to try at home!
To make yourself a snazzy sweatband, get some double-knit (not too chunky, not too thin) wool in any colour you like, some 5mm needles and cast on 30sts
For rows 1-3, (K1,P1) until end of row, to get a nice ribbed edge.
Then, for 8 rows, knit in stocking stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side)
Then for rows 11-14, (K1, P1) until end of row
Cast off.
Easy peasy! You can do that in half an hour. The fun part comes from jazzing those mothers up. Try buttons, embroidery by chain stitch or duplicate stitch, glitter glue or even wee pom poms. You can make these sweat bands with only a small amount of wool and a small amount of time. Send me pictures!
Ps, to make this sweatband into a hairband, cast on 120 sts :D

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