Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Worst Day In The World

Today is an utterly dreadful day. It's the last day before summer, but apparently everyone is still miserable. My work got robbed (and I was the first one in so got lightheartedly accused of doing it about 7 times), then I had to sit in the cold (it was so warm yesterday!) for 3 hours, then I headed home only to find a house down the road was on fire (fire engines only, no ambulances). Exhausted by the misery, I headed up to my flat to find my flatmate watching the news, which told me that the Middle East was basically written off, some girl got murdered and worst of all, almost half a million angry people were at the Cuts March in Central London that my boyfriend was attending as a journalist. Oh, and also I will be homeless for about 2 months in the Summer.
Seriously, what an awful, awful day!
But not everything is like a bullet of misery from the AK47 of dreadfulness. I have finished the basic construction of my striped cape and have decided to embroider a Mexican style skull on it, in eye gougingly bright colours. I also created two warm and cuddly headbands, which are for sale! Both are £10

I have a new haircut, by the way. Long and fringey at the front, very short at the back. Sort of 1920s, sort of spacey. New age fun with a vintage feel! I bought some more sunglasses too, I have 9 pairs now.
Anyway, the other thing I did was start the final construction of the angora scarf, commisioned by a friend. It's not 100% what I had in my head but it's super snuggly and delightfully bizarre. See for yourself!
It's just going to continue zig-zagging and being oddly maggot-like until I run out of wool.
Non-knitting updates for you now-I went to see a mental health specialist and she assured me I am not mad, only weird and mean. I'm obviously paraphrasing slightly. I had Starbucks' Cake Pop, which is a very synthetic tasting cake on a stick. Worth trying, but only once. I bought some stuffing for the toys I'm going to knit and walked back from the shop through Holland Park, seeing many lovely dogs and peacocks. One man had a huge bulldog, which gained many admiring compliments. In the time it took him to walk past my bench, he was stopped at least 4 times. He seemed very exasperated, and the dog seemed very full of itself. I embroidered a skirt with hearts and the phrase 'Fancy Hearing Cake,' which is from the manga series AzuManga Daioh. I would really like to go to one of these pop-up spas and get a fish to nibble my toes.
My final exams are coming very soon, and it is slowly occurring to me that there is no earthly way I can pass them, and to not pass them is to have wasted three years of my life. I have seven essays overdue and 5 exams in May, and I don't want to give up on them but having not attended most of my lectures, revision is more like teaching myself a whole year's syllabus in a month. My knitting just has to suffer, as does my shopping and walking in the park time. It's not going to be fun, but come June I will have nothing to do but fun for the rest of my life, so I'm just going to have to do my best.

By the way, the man across the street from me is doing naked exercises in his room.

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  1. You don't have to revise the whole course for Philosophy of Science (you do that module, right?). Caruana said today that every topic covered will be in the exam so really you only need to learn three. Four if you want to play it super-safe.

    Contemporary might be a bit trickier, but you can drop one topic and be fine.

    Also, you can't get lower than your lowest grade last year, so as long as you are pleased with that then you can just scrape a pass this year and still come out ok.