Monday, 21 March 2011

Stitch and Craft! At Olympia! Oh my gosh!

I went to the Knitting Convention! They also had cross stitch, sewing and paper crafts there, but they just weren't as interesting. All the papercraft people looked miserable, but I nearly took up cross stitch solely based on the stall by Mr X Stitch, I was mostly taken in by the Tank Girl piece.
Other non-knitted delights include:

This papery menagerie, including quilled fish and a papier mache giraffe.
They also had so much glitter, and so many ways of attaching glitter to other things. Wool can be glittery, but looks much better when it's spangly, as I intend to prove with the 'fancy love' wool I bought (I mostly just liked the name). A little more on what I bought after this quick gallery of knitted art from 'A Grand Tour.'

That last one is a giant knitted mat made with 3m long needles. So exciting!
By the way, sorry about the dreadful formatting on the pictures.
Now, obviously my favourite parts of the show were the things to do with me. What did I do? What did I buy? Despite the allure of the Paton's clearout sale, with ugly wool super cheap, I didn't actually buy too much yarn. Some madly dyed rainbow wool, that has already been made into a scarf:

I'm going to put big, colourful tassles on this and probably have to wait until it gets cold again to sell it.
The most pleasurable thing I bought was a book of Amigurumi patterns, featuring vegetables, insects and mythical creatures. I have already produced a tomato, although I had to sacrifice a few existing cuddly toys to stuff it. Their deaths were for the greater good, I'm sure you'll agree.

These little toys are a lot more labour intensive than hats and scarves but they are actually quicker to make, and have given me a lot of ideas for things I can make to sell during the summer. Not just as toys, that would be far too easy. As hats.
Yes, I am going to get felt hat bases, attach snails and octopuses and vegetables to them, give them veils and sequins and I'm going to sell them. I'm so pleased with myself! You'll all be wanting one.

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