Friday, 18 March 2011

Kitty! What have you been doing?

I'll tell you what I've been doing. Slacking off, is what I've been doing. Still no essays, no social calls, barely any more FOs (finished objects, a special knitting term). I didn't go to the V&A because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself and I haven't given you, my readers, anything to amuse yourselves with. I feel bad. So here is a little bit of fun for you.
I have finished my grey cardigan, it is lovely and warm and for sale! It's a little small, so I would recommend it for a lady or a shorty. Here it is lying down
And here is a vastly unhelpful photo of me actually wearing it

I have not mastered the MySpace pose for photos AT ALL.
On Thursday 11th March, you may recall I had a jumble sale. Here are my wares, chilling with some books.
With the exception of the yellow scarf, all you see there is still available. I'm slowly glamourising all my old practice pieces like the hats to make them nicer. I even tried making roses to jazz up the pink hat on the right side of the photo! I'm going to edge it with green blanket stitch too, to give it more shape and make it look a bit more interesting.
I also picked up some lovely soft patchy pink baby wool (real wool! How unlike me!) and quickly knocked out a hairband/ear warmer for myself. Here it is, on my head.

It holds my fringe down for fun times and back for serious times. It has also made me very aware of how mullet-like my hair has become. I'm going to cut it and aim for something a little more Louise Brooks, even though my hair isn't quite bob-length yet.
I have also made some progress on my self-designed cape, the pattern for which I will give you once I have had someone test-knit it. I don't think I'm very clear in my instructional style, as I assume everyone can read my mind or work it out from my scribbled, half formed thoughts. You can't, and it's not your fault. Anyways, here are three of the six panels, chilling on my rug.

They'll get sewn together with red yarn, the top will be hemmed with a ribbon that will double as a fastener, and I'll probably go nuts and embroider and bead them too. Then I will fail to sell it because I have a unique aesthetic admired by many but emulated by none. Alas.
In other news, every time I go to work it's sunny, but every time I have a day off it is gloomy or rainy. I want to make an effort to tan this year and the weather is not helping.
Not much else is happening. I'm still excited about Cardiff but nothing has actually happened towards it, and I'm not really sure how much I can do myself, since it's my parents' money. I'm looking at available jobs, but without a fixed arrival date I can't apply for anything. I put all my knitting needles in a cup on my bookcase, and they are much easier to find now. I wish my boyfriend made me feel more needed. I wish there were more noodles in my house. I wish I was allowed to wear nail varnish at work.
I'm getting a bit down now, so I prescribe one episode of House and some knitting, then bed.

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