Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shopping for Make & Do bits in Soho!

Today, despite the protestations of my Grandma (she is sending another few dozen balls of wool down from Yorkshire), I went into town to buy me some wool! I needed, specifically, grey wool to finish my Shruggly Cardigan which I had to get from All The Fun Of The Fair, a sweet and cheap but far too small shop in Kingly Court, just behind Hamley's by Regent Street. Since I was heading there from Piccadilly Circus, I also popped into Buffy's Beads and got 1000 of those really cheap chunky plastic beads that emos like, as I have a cunning plan involving them being on a scarf. Searching for multicoloured wool that wasn't sock yarn, I was advised to visit Liberty's, who are INSANELY overpriced but who did have some patchy pink baby wool that would make a bitching headband. I should mention that these three shops are so close it's nearly incestuous. Then I ate a pasta salad, throwing away all the salad. Euurrgh, I hate lettuce.
I'm still hunting for my favourite wool shop. There was a pretty nice one in Cowbridge, near Cardiff (Wales), two in fact. One had a tea shop, and one had ducks. I will visit them often when I move to Cardiff in the summer (eek!). My usual haunt is Lyndon's Stitch and Beads in Portobello. It's cheap, close to my college and even closer to my boyfriend's house! For some reason, it is always raining when I visit. On a side note, I would like to express how grateful I am that my boyfriend doesn't get jealous. I heard something of a horror story earlier today. Anyways, Lyndon's is pretty good and they have all the basic primary coloured acrylic wools that I want, but I still feel like there could be an even better wool shop out there somewhere...I've heard good things about I Knit in Waterloo, but I have had many stressful experiences in Waterloo.
With the wool that my Grandma is sending and the stash I have already accumulated, I should be ok for the next few will slow my knitting progress too. When next I get the itch to leave the house, I vow to travel to Waterloo and check out I Knit and tell you all about it. Tell me in the comments if there's anywhere else in Zone 1/West London I should check out.


  1. Check out They have a shop in Islington, in Camden Passage.

    Oh, and John Lewis on Oxford Street has a pretty good selection which is a bit closer to home.

  2. There's a lovely little haberdash stall on north end road market, very reasonable, i wander past it every saturday morning saddened by my lack of creative skills. No wool but bits of ribony details, applique, and other pretty little things. I go to the market every saturday at around 10am like an old lady, if you want to come with next week you are welcome. I don't know if she is open on any other days but I will ask if you want. x