Wednesday, 2 March 2011

An Introductory Post from the author

I don't hate everything, really. I don't hate knitting, eating, cats (I do hate eating cats), my boyfriend, tea or feeding squirrels in Holland Park. I want this to be a positive sort of website so I think it would be best if I wrote about the things I like, rather than having long rants about the state of bacon these days or how politicians are responsible for reality TV and we're all going to become really, really stupid. We all either know how stupid everyone is, or we're one of the stupid ones. It's like when you move in with friends-if you don't think there's an irritating housemate, it's because the irritating housemate is you. I am currently the irritating housemate because I don't wash up and every time I leave my room I bring with me a tide of wool, needles, pink bags, blankets and RAGE. But then I sweep it back into my room, promise.
In the interests of further setting the scene for my possible readers, let me tell you more. I'm in my third year of a philosophy degree, I work in an organic food shop in Kensington, I used to have a pink mohawk but I shaved it off and now I have a brownish-black shaggy mop, my boyfriend and I are misanthropic bastards who don't deserve friends and are always ungrateful when we find out we do, I only have two moods; hysterically positive or crushingly depressed, I will move to Cardiff in the summer most probably. I'm quite excited about the last bit, I'm going to live on the bay and join the roller derby and Stitch 'n' Bitch groups and apparently not need a job.
My friend Amy made me this website so that she wouldn't have to listen to me whining or showing off about my hardcore knitting skillz. I am very lucky that she puts up with me. I plan to treat you with regular updates, pictures, interactions and whatnot. I'm not much of a computer-haunter but since I found Ravelry I'm spending more and more time here, to the severe detriment of my degree. Meh, you can't sell a degree but you can sell wooly gloves.

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