Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Jumble Sale!

I'm so excited! Tomorrow is the day of the Jumble Sale at my college and I am taking along lots of knitting to sell. I have invited many, many people. Here are a few items I have completed today to take to the sale!
We have a little kawaii collar, a garden-like scarf and a snazzy beaded scarf. If you don't get to buy these at the Jumble Sale, I am very happy to remake them or make something similar.
My college, should you want to attend, is Heythrop College in Kensington and the sale is on Thursday from 6.30pm. I will also be selling assorted things from my room and complaining about my ulcer on my gum. It's really hurty. I'm about 60% finished with my big grey cardigan, hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow...
Our final update is that I have made my first proper sale! My blue fingerless gloves are going in the post tomorrow and my money is being received through the internet! I'm so happy! Now I need to get on with the Etsy shop and you can all have a slice of Kitty chic.

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