Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Looking Sharp in Socks with Sandals!

The frilly socks are finished! Here they are protecting my feet from being torn to shreds by my pretty sandals.
They have cheered me up a little, since exams have just started and everything is dreadful. I also designed a pattern for the gorgeous soft wool my sister bought me for my birthday. Using drop stitch and 15mm needles, I conjured up a shrug in an evening and wore it out the next day.

So snuggly! I've been commissioned to make some Harley Quinn-esque gloves so I toddled down the the wool shop. On my way I saw this dog-

closely followed by this cat-

and this parrot-

All of these animals ignored me, especially the cat.
My knitting friend came over and allowed me to indulge in showing off how great I am at knitting (what's the point of trying to impress non-knitters? They think a scarf and a jumper are equally difficult). We discovered-I knit horrendously tightly, and always through the back loop, which is wrong-that I could make a knitting and cooking show called 'Why does my scarf smell of garlic?'-and that toe-up socks are the only way to make socks, especially if, like me, you never use patterns.
I am a little tempted by some of these patterns though. I'm so in love with the 20s at the moment!
Other relevant news is that Tabio's blogging event is tomorrow, and I'm invited! They're launching a new product and are holding a party in return for my loyalty. They already have my loyalty-they do things with socks that will make you drool. In a good way. That's such a weird sentence...but you'll understand after I post all the pictures.
I'm really wanting to knit myself a jumper at the moment but the combination of exams, commissions and having to move house at the end of the month despite the fact I have no new house arrangements are all conspiring to stop me from spending that much time on myself. Besides, it's not really jumper weather...
Oh, and a lady at work said I had 'beautiful, glowing skin' so I've been smug about that ALL WEEK.


  1. What an exciting trip to the yarn store. The socks look so amazing and comfortable.

  2. Thank you! Have you tried lace yet? It's my new favourite thing

  3. You saw a parrotkeet! <3 I love your socks, and enjoyed seeing them in real life but the day before yesterday xx