Thursday, 5 May 2011

Make up and socks!

I went to a careers dinner held by my college last night. I had some delicious ham terrine and some technically OK but nevertheless boring paella/tortilla. While at this dinner, I received advice on working in journalism and advertising and was encouraged to become an entrepreneur vis-a-vis knitting. I also had some advice from a professional blogger (in that he was a professional, and he also blogged), who recommended that a really good blog should have a very narrow focus-a knitting blog, for example, should be exclusively about knitting. I had previously thought the thing to do was have more diversity in order to attract more people. Hm.
Disregarding his advice completely, allow me to tell you about the new eyeshadow I bought. It's by 'Make Up Academy,' is sold in Superdrug for an introductory price of £1, and is so purple.
The picture doesn't do it justice, it's very intense and it's iridescent too! I have come into a little money lately and I'm blowing it all on makeup.
There is knitting news too! After a whole day practising knitting lace in the round I found the perfect pattern (yo twice, sl1-k2tog-psso) and am slowly making myself some summery socks to protect my feet from flesh hungry sandals. Here they are thus far-
The lace looks like rows of little shells! I was having such issues with lace that looked as 'holey' knitted round as it did flat, but I finally triumphed. They're only going to be little ankle socks so they shouldn't take long. I might put ribbons through them!
The knitted chain is on 10 links now, but I got a bit sick of knitting tubes, hence the socks are giving me a little break.
The hot weather finally broke and it rained today. My cactus is having a little holiday on the outer window ledge and my umbrella is having a whale of a time knocking things off shelves when I go shopping.

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