Sunday, 15 May 2011

Presents for people and presents for my tummy

My parents are having their silver wedding anniversary soon, and my present to them is going to be handmade socks! My mum is getting something like these from my friend Megan's blog, and my Dad was originally going to get these socks, which are the ones the Joker wears in the latest Batman film.
However, as much as my Dad enjoyed Batman, I don't think he paid attention to the socks so instead he'll get red socks with sheep on (he's Welsh).
The other present I finished was the starfish with a collar and tie.

I'm not sure quite how 'on the mark' he is. He's very cuddly though.
The last few days have also been characterised by delicious treat foods. This morning I had breakfast in bed with golden syrup pancakes!

Notice how I have three different things to drink. I am a hydration fiend! I am also a DIY candy from Japan fiend. This series of photos shows me making candy crepes.

I am immune to the sugar in these somehow. You can buy your own from Cybercandy, look for 'Popin Cookin.' My boyfriend always buys me these to cheer me up or apologise for being such a good looking idiot.
I have also been thinking further about starting my online shop and even starting a real business. I would sell made items and knitting patterns, as well as group and individual lessons. What from my blog would you want to buy? What that is not from my blog would you like to see? Market research, starting small!


  1. The starfish looks awesome, he's so cute.And candy crepes sound amazing.

  2. The starfish is from Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh, such a good book, they have fruit and veg too!

  3. That starfish is awesome! Lovely to meet you at the Tabio event- cuffs for the wrist sound amazing, definitely link me up when you make them!! :D


  4. Ohhh, I've seen Poppin' Kitchen videos online, but I've been to scared to try it! At first I thought they were making erasers. /Yeah, I'm dense/