Friday, 13 May 2011

Why you should Google before you work

So, this girl I knew from school contacted me through Facebook with a grainy picture of some amateur looking gloves, asking 'Can you make these? They're like Harley Quinn's!'
I did make them, in 2 days, despite the fact I knew Harley Quinn's costume is red and black and the gloves in the picture were red and blue. I then googled 'Harley Quinn gloves' for some help in placing the final touches, only to discover these are professionally made gloves that are in fact red and black, it was just the picture making them look the wrong colour.
So now I have some gloves that are the wrong colour, and if I make them in the right colour, I can't sell them. So, either of us Googling 'Harley Quinn gloves' 3 days ago would have been smarter. Never mind. Here they are, modelled by me and my excitingly long talons.
I was so disheartened by the whole affair I barely had any inspiration or inclination to knit anything new. My stash of wool is running a bit low and I don't want to knit anyone else's patterns because they hinder my ability to sell. I decided to experiment with making a little hood/bonnet with some black and white variegated yarn but the wide rows mean that progress is sloooooow. As soon as I have the time and money, I am bally well knitting myself a 1920s jumper, all in monochrome with no waist. I am so repulsed by primary colours at the moment, I can't even stand to knit toys.
Such a grumpy day.

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